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Jumaat, 15 Oktober 2010

Getting More Visitors To Your Blog With Almost No Effort

Currently, lots of folks create blogs. It’s actually a fantastic method of sharing data, concepts or just our emotions and thoughts. You don’t have to be an outstanding writer, but you do need to know what you’re writing about. Obtaining a great looking weblog is important, so look at installing a few free website templates that will provide your website a great appearance.

Next, listed below are several important tips to holding your weblog to the top level:

1. Blog Often – many of the top rated blogs publish 10-20 occasions every day.

2. Develop Power Articles – as opposed to posting repeatedly, submit less routinely but give attention to developing Authority Articles – a bit longer content pieces that will be definitely nicely built that will draw in interest from various other web owners & customers of social bookmarking sites

Ahad, 10 Oktober 2010

How To Turn Any Product You Sell Into Residual Income..

Today's feature article is:

Read it below!

The concept of this is for you to offer a subscription
type product as an upsell or backend product. For
example, if you're selling an ebook for $37 offer a
subscription to a related e-zine for $9.95 a month.
Instead of an e-zine, it could be monthly updated
information for the ebook.

Ahad, 3 Oktober 2010

"Do Your Worst, for I Will Do Mine!"

We are living in a most interesting time. Daily, waves of bad news pound against our already badly damaged economy shaking the fragile underpinnings of business and our personal lives. When we personally experience any of these very real, yet unwanted difficulties, we can easily be swept away into the depths of anxiety, frustration and despair.

It is difficult enough to swim against the tide, let go of the anxiety and climb up and out of these circumstances without adding the burden of destructive and unhealthy thought processes. When we engage in destructive thought processes, we engage in fantasy and attempt to put tomorrow's gold in today's purse. We concern ourselves with events, which we may never witness, or we torment ourselves

Jumaat, 1 Oktober 2010

10 Spellbinding Ways To Light Up Your Sales

1. Specialize your product or service if you have too
much competition. If you're selling an advertising book,
rewrite part of it and target it just to pet businesses.

2. Sell a lead in product for super cheap, even if
you loose a little money. If people like it, you have
a greater chance to sell your higher price product.

3. Give people a free version of your product. If
it does what you say they, will pay for the up-grade
or deluxe version to get more benefits.

Sabtu, 25 September 2010

Are You Flying by the Seat of Your Pants?

One of the benefits to being a direct seller or network marketer is that you're self employed. That means you can really "do" your business any way you want to. In my experience, however, this can also be somewhat of a curse. Many of the direct sellers I work with as clients come to me with too many options and ideas and not enough direction. In essence, they're "flying by the seat of their pants." That's not

Selasa, 21 September 2010


Setiap orang inginkan kejayaan dan kekayaan dalam hidup. Tetapi sebenarnya ada 3 sebab atau 3 faktor yang menghalang kita untuk mencapai kebebasan kewangan.

Sebab Pertama: Tidak mengambil keputusan untuk bebas kewangan. Ya betul...

Isnin, 20 September 2010

How To Successfully Joint Venture Your Online Business With Offline Businesses

There are many advantages joint venturing with offline
businesses. You could increase your target market by
reaching audiences you couldn't advertise to before.
You could get referrals from the offline businesses
you joint venture with.

The key to joint venturing with offline businesses is to
find ones that have the same target audience. If you're
selling business software, you wouldn't want to joint
venture with a store that sells candy. You won't be
very successful. You would want to joint venture with
an office supply or computer store.

Below are three possible joint venture deals you
could set up:

1. Write a tip booklet that is related to your business.
Make a deal with an offline store where they giveaway
your tip booklet to their shoppers with each purchase.
The store you pick should attract

Sabtu, 18 September 2010

Social Networking Online: How to Attract and Sponsor Using Web 2.0

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the thought of Social Media Marketing? Tweet this? What's a Twitter? Getting FACED on Facebook? Video Marketing? Are you kidding? What does all of this mean for you?

Relax, we are going to cover some specifics you'll need to know and break it down into bite-size chunks for you to explore and master!

How would your business change if you had people coming to you, pre-qualified and already interested in your business? What if you were "hunted" instead of the "hunter"?

It's no secret that social media marketing, with tools such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter,

Jumaat, 17 September 2010

5 Lesser-Known Online Business Ideas

1. Ask people to find a hidden link in your ad copy. If they
find the hidden link tell them they will get a prize or freebie
by clicking on it. This will increase the chance that they will
buy your product or service because they will read your
whole ad copy.

2. Start a members only web site. Tell visitors what's in your
members only site and what it costs to get access. Offer them
a free membership, if, in exchange they link to your web site,

Sabtu, 11 September 2010

Let Everyone Know You Are Open for Business

Once you have set your earnings goal, delegated time for your business, and participated in recommended training, the next step is to have an open-for-business party. This party will launch your new business. Or if you've been in business for a while and your business has stalled, you may want to re-launch. Imagine opening your business in a storefront on Main Street. What would you do to get customers? You would have a grand opening. You would invite people to come and check out your new store.

Even though you don't have a storefront you still must let everyone know you are open for business. Your open-for-business party, your grand opening, whatever your company calls it, should be scheduled anywhere within your first seven to ten days of joining your direct selling company. You need to let everyone know you have started a new direct selling business. You are really excited and you want to demonstrate the products you are going to be representing with your new direct selling business.

Ahad, 5 September 2010

Is QNET a fraud?

In this QNET review article, you shall get answers to queries which have vexed most individuals about QNET Ltd. Questions like:
1. Is QNET a scam?
2. Are QNET products like the Bio Disc for real?
3. Is QNET a way to get rich quick?
4. How does the balanced binary compensation plan work?
If you have asked yourself these questions before, this QNET Review with give you the facts you need.

QNET Ltd is a multinational direct selling network marketing conglomerate with central office based in Hong Kong. It has been in existence since 1998. They have subsidiary companies in over 22 countries worldwide with QNET as the administrative arm. They use interactive marketing, also known as word

Ahad, 29 Ogos 2010

Don't Wish this Business Was Easier, Wish You Were Better

How many times have you invited someone to an event and they tell you, "Yes, I will definitely try to make it." You KNOW when they tell you that, they have NO INTENTION OF COMING! But you tell them, "Great, I will save you a seat," and then go on your merry way telling yourself that you have a guest that will be coming to the event. When they don't show up, you are disappointed and of course you never see them again.


Some network marketers have been conducting their business like this for months, some years, some for 10 or 15 years. Somehow we just think this is normal, and this is what we do and every now and then, maybe 1 out of 25 times someone will actually show up. The other 24 times, we get to complain to our leader and have people feel sorry for us, because our guest didn't show up. GET A CLUE! If it isn't working, do something different!

Jumaat, 20 Ogos 2010

The 5 W’s of an Encouraging Leader

For 13 seasons, Tony Dungy spent Sunday mornings giving pregame pep talks to star football players in the NFL. Two years into retirement, he still gives motivational speeches regularly, but his audience has morphed dramatically. Instead of addressing locker rooms full of millionaire athletes, Dungy now speaks at cafeterias packed with felons at correctional facilities across the country.

Why would Tony Dungy turn down a $5 million per year coaching salary to chat with gatherings of criminals? For him it's simple: he believes in the power of encouragement. He knows how important it is for people to have a leader who is cheering them on, supplying hope and courage during trying times.

For inmates, prison can be a depressingly hopeless place. In addition to the isolation and loss of freedom, most inmates are given little chance of succeeding in life upon their release. Statistics show that upwards of 60% will return to jail, and 1 in 3 will be re-incarcerated within three years of their release. Coach Dungy steps into the bleak world of penitentiary life to deliver a firm, but upbeat message about how the prisoners can get back on the right track. His words not only give prisoners a plan to succeed in life, but just as importantly, they offer much-needed inspiration and encouragement.

You don't have to visit a prison to encounter people who feel insignificant, trapped, or fearful of the future. Those feelings are commonplace. Wherever you work, people are longing to be strengthened and refreshed by encouraging words. As a leader, you are in prime position to give others the boost they need to be their best. Here are five behaviors that will equip you as an encourager where you work:

5 W's of an Encouraging Leader

1) Watchfulness

Encouragement carries more weight when it's specific. Be observant of the people around you on the job. Where do they excel? When have you seen them give exemplary effort? Make note of the ways they stand out, and use your observations as content for encouraging them.

Selasa, 17 Ogos 2010

How To Use Outsourcing To Beat Your Competition

Outsourcing is when you hire outside professionals or
services to take on part of your business workload. You
may want to outsource part of your work because you
don't have the room, you need an expert, you have periodic
busy periods, or you need more production to get orders
out on time etc. You could outsource accounting,
secretarial tasks , factory help, computer training, web
design etc. Below are ways to use outsourcing to beat
your competition.

By outsourcing part of your workload you can

Ahad, 4 Julai 2010

The Quick Study Guide to Social Networking

To become fluent in social networking, I recommend you do the following:

1. Just do it. There is no substitute for first-hand experience. You have to dive into social networking head-first to really understand it. There is a difference between knowing something and knowing about something. You will never know social networking until you do social networking.

If you haven’t done so already, sign-up for a Twitter account, a Facebook account, and a blog—in that order. I also recommend that you read the following posts on Michael Hyatt blog:
* 12 Reasons to Start Twittering
* The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter
* How Much Time Does Twittering Really Take?
* How to Update Your Facebook Status with Twitter
* How to Start a Blog

With regard to blogging, you might also

Isnin, 21 Jun 2010

Who Is This Website for?

This knowledge is not for procrastinators. It's NOT FOR THOSE LOOKING FOR GET RICH QUICK SCHEMES.

This information is to provide the missing link... to show you the real secret why 97% of MLMmers fail, the secret which has left many HUMILIATED AND WOUNDED BEYOND REPAIR...

To help you soar your homebased business to another level. I want you to achieve the Network marketing success you deserve.

What do the gurus have to say ?

"There are many benefits the network marketing industry offers those who want more from their lives". Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki
Sure, the advantages are countless....

Ahad, 6 Jun 2010

My Honest Review Of Bio Disc

The amezcua biodisc is one of the newest natural wellness products distributed by Qnet network marketing company. For a long time, I was very skeptical about it. To me, it was like magic. It was TOO good to be true.

As a Qnet Independent Representative, it was my duty to do research and try it out myself if I had to promote it. These are some of my findings.

What is a Bio Disc?

"It is a glass made up of 13 technically engineered natural minerals which have been structurally bonded using high heat fusion methods."
It emits Scalar Energy i.e. Energy that drives life which has the ability to be transferred to any liquid (especially water), to rejuvenate its natural molecular chains.
The Bio-Disc has other sister products like Chi Pendants, the Pewter BioDisc, the BioShower Shell and the BioStraw Tube, all designed to serve different purposes.

Generally, the benefits of the bio-disc and its sister products fall under three main categories:
  1. Body energy frequency benefits: It maintains body energy levels at the optimum and best operating level of all body cells and repels negative energy frequencies like electromagnetic energy (e-smog) from computers, mobile phones, microwaves and TV sets. These always distort our natural energy.
  2. Wellness of the body benefits: It boosts the immune system to optimum levels by detoxifying the body. It has also been reported to increase Pain Resistance Potential in addition to reducing the effects of aging.
  3. Life-time financial benefits: If you buy the BioDisc or other Sister Products through the QNET Network Marketing System, you are entitled to earn Commissions. Feel free to Contact us for a more detailed explanation of the QNet Royalties, Commissions and Compensation plan.

    QNet has a wonderful business plan. It can be a vehicle to achieve your financial freedom but be prepared to work and sharpen your skills in order to get the most out of it.
Visit www.quest.net/amezcua for more facts about the bio disc and its applications.
And be sure to check out this video.

Ahad, 23 Mei 2010

Water Is Life Itself & The Magic Of The Bio-Disc!

Water, being a necessity in our daily life, is an invaluable resource. Population growth and rampant development have led to scarcity of clean water. To top it off, poor quality water is the result of the ware and tear within the distribution pipe network.

Next to oxygen, water is essential for all living organisms on earth. It is a major component in cells, which make up all living organisms; therefore approximately 60% to 95% of living organisms are water. Without water life on earth would not exist. It is a major importance to living things. In some organisms up to 90% of their body weight derives from water, the brain is composed of 70% water, and 60% of the human body is water and up to 70-95% of the mass of cells is water. Water is a simple molecule made up of an oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms, H2O. A pair of electron is shared between an oxygen atom and a hydrogen atom.
The beauty of the Bio-Disc is that it is able to bring back 'dead water' into 'living water.' Living water was originally given to us

Sabtu, 22 Mei 2010

Amazon.com: Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more

Amazon.com: Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more

Amezcua Harmonised Energy

Berkenaan Amezcua

Amezcua merupakan hasil Tenaga Bersepadu ciptaan QuestNet untuk meningkatkan paras keharmonian dan tenaga anda setiap hari. Dengan kajian dan usaha berterusan, Amezcua menawarkan hasil barangan berkualiti yang membantu kita mencapai gaya hidup seimbang, tahap minda, batin dan semangat yang tinggi. Amezcua menawarkan produk-produk terkini dan bertaraf antarabangsa seperti Amezcua Bio Disc dan Amezcua Chi Pendant. Hasil barangan Amezcua berfokus pada usaha mengekalkan ciri-ciri semulajadi air dan system tenaga batin manusia. Barangan Amezcua adalah rakan penting pada orang yang mengutamakan gaya hidup menyeluruh dan sihat.

Amezcua Bio Disc -Water Re-defined

Air merupakan keperluan asas tubuh badan kita untuk menjalankan fungsi-fungsi harian dengan sepenuhnya. Untuk memastikan tubuh badan kita sihat, kita seharusnya menentukan kuantiti airnya cukup sebanyak 2 liter sehari. Air minuman adalah penting dan kita harus memastikan zat nutrien dalam air minuman kita dapat diserap oleh badan kita untuk menambah paras tenaga dan keharmoniannya. Amezcua Bio Disc yang telah diiktiraf oleh beberapa institusi dapat mengurangkan tekanan permukaan air. Ini akan meningkatkan proses

Ahad, 16 Mei 2010

Your Opportunity In QNet

The QNet opportunity is available to anyone willing and able to work hard in a dynamic and growing industry.

What You Need

Network marketing allows people to choose when and where they work with a small financial investment. Further, there are no specific qualifications needed to become a salesperson for a network marketing business, since the company provides training to develop the necessary business skills, as well as marketing education. This training aspect is an integral part of the offered business opportunity.

A Truly Unique Opportunity

The QNet business opportunity is based on an e-commerce platform, and is mainly about promoting and referring our products to customers and other entrepreneurs like yourself. Particularly during tough economic times, network marketing is an extremely viable and successful avenue to provide a supplementary or complete stream of income. This is especially true in tough economic times, as the Network Marketing industry thrives during global recessions and undoubtedly presents an attractive career path during the more economically stable times.

The Role You Play

As with any opportunity, success is gauged by what you do with the opportunity. The QNet business is not for those looking for an easy way out and it is not a ‘get-rich-quick scheme’. Like those who have already achieved success with QNet, you must work hard, think smart, stay committed, be prepared for initial failures, and be dedicated to closely following the established and proven business plan. QNet Malaysia equips you with all the tools needed to succeed in the business.

Make ‘Work’ Work For You

A real benefit of this business opportunity is that you can truly mould the business to fit within your existing lifestyle and habits. Another exciting benefit is that you will have the potential of becoming your own boss and achieving financial freedom on your OWN terms.


http://www.qi-ltd.com/ or https://www.qnet.net.my/

Rabu, 12 Mei 2010

Be Your Own Boss!!

Pernahkah anda mengimpikan perniagaan anda sendiri? Pernahkah anda berhasrat menjadi usahawan yang berjaya? Pernahkah anda teringin sangat menjadi bos diri sendiri? Adakah anda ingin bebas dari masalah kewangan?

Peluang QNet Malaysia tersedia untuk sesiapa sahaja yang sanggup dan mampu untuk bekerja keras di dalam industri penjualan langsung yang dinamik dan berkembang.

Perniagaan dengan QNet Malaysia membolehkan anda untuk memilih apabila dan di mana anda bekerja dan melibatkan sedikit pelaburan kewangan. Lagi, tidak terdapat syarat khusus diperlukan untuk menjadi Independent Representative (IR) bagi QNet Malaysia, kerana syarikat memberikan latihan untuk membangunkan kemahiran perniagaan yang diperlukan, termasuk juga sebagai pendidikan pemasaran. Aspek latihan ini adalah bahagian yang penting mengenai peluang perniagaan yang ditawarkan.

Melalui pemasaran rangkaian dan penjualan langsung, peluang perniagaan ditunjukkan oleh QNet Malaysia mempunyai potensi amat besar. Berdasarkan kepada platform e-dagang,

Jumaat, 7 Mei 2010

Want to know how to beat the Financial Crisis?

Start your own e-commerce business with the full support and guidance of a pioneer in global network marketing and direct selling.

Millions of people around the world are staying ahead of the economic downturn by capitalising on network marketing opportunities.

QuestNet Malaysia can take you to the pinnacle of online business management with full support and an attractive and innovative product portfolio.





Isnin, 4 Januari 2010

Bagaimana dengan cara melayari Internet sahaja anda mampu menjadi “Millionaire”!!!

Mengapa Anda Perlu Sertai Program Ni??

* Modal yang diperlukan TAK BESAR sangat.

*Tak perlu "Maintain" setiap bulan macam kebanyakkan MLM yang lain2 tu.

* Dibayar 4 kali sebulan.

* Pelan pemasaran (Marketing Plan) yang mantap.

* Bimbingan diberikan secara berterusan.

* Yang sentiasa dikemaskini

* Pendidikan yang tak ternilai harganya.

* Pasaran Antarabangsa (worldwide).

* Mudah dijalankan lebih-lebih lagi pemasaran di Facebook.

* Dapat menjana pendapatan setiap bulan dan banyak lagi…..

* Dapat balik modal dengan pantas.

Hubungi saya di aura4966@gmail.com.. saya sedia membantu