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Ahad, 5 September 2010

Is QNET a fraud?

In this QNET review article, you shall get answers to queries which have vexed most individuals about QNET Ltd. Questions like:
1. Is QNET a scam?
2. Are QNET products like the Bio Disc for real?
3. Is QNET a way to get rich quick?
4. How does the balanced binary compensation plan work?
If you have asked yourself these questions before, this QNET Review with give you the facts you need.

QNET Ltd is a multinational direct selling network marketing conglomerate with central office based in Hong Kong. It has been in existence since 1998. They have subsidiary companies in over 22 countries worldwide with QNET as the administrative arm. They use interactive marketing, also known as word
of mouth advertising and e-commerce to circulate their products.

QNET products range from Luxury and Collectible Products like rare coins, jewelleries, watches; Vacation and Holiday packages; Wellness and Health products like the bio disc, pendant, personal care products; Telecommunication packages and much more.

One needs to purchase a QNET product of their own choice to start with QNET business On completing this step, the distributor qualifies to be an independent representative(IR). A virtual office is given to the IR and they are now free to disribute products and promote their business

QNET uses the balanced binary compensation plan. IR in this case will have to refer a minimum of two individuals to the company who inturn purchase products of their choice from QNET The IR can then start earning commissions. The best part about this is that QNET does not charge on monthly basis and the members purchase products only once If you have been online, I am sure you have read one QNET Review after another.

The honest truth is, QNET is a legal network marketing company with remarkable products and a lucrative business model. It is not a scam. I use their products and love them. If you are thinking about starting a QNET business, you must know that success depends on individuals.If you consider it to be a get rich quick scheme and your approach to the same is casual, then you will never attain success. Though the business model is profitable, patience is what pays off in this case

QNET network marketing business, like life, is what you make it. And as Shakespeare says, "this world is a stage and we are all players in different scenes". Those who play well go on. Those who play badly will blame the game, the mentor, the curtains and the costume. Hope this QNET review has answered some of your queries.

Business tools for virtual office in addition to physical training is provided by QNET They have phenomenal products. Note that, one can attain success with QNET only if he/she dreams big and plans to create difference not only in their lives for also lives of others

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  7. Guys qnet is amazing network marking and dont ever think you will just get rich by join any business you must work hard to get what you want and if you really want to success in any business you must believe in it and then you will success whatever this business is but qnet im with it and i will be with it to the end and people who write there Ir's they shouldn't do this you dont need to tell people ur ir they just need to find the right way and the right person near them or far away from them but they must have the trust from this person.