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Isnin, 20 September 2010

How To Successfully Joint Venture Your Online Business With Offline Businesses

There are many advantages joint venturing with offline
businesses. You could increase your target market by
reaching audiences you couldn't advertise to before.
You could get referrals from the offline businesses
you joint venture with.

The key to joint venturing with offline businesses is to
find ones that have the same target audience. If you're
selling business software, you wouldn't want to joint
venture with a store that sells candy. You won't be
very successful. You would want to joint venture with
an office supply or computer store.

Below are three possible joint venture deals you
could set up:

1. Write a tip booklet that is related to your business.
Make a deal with an offline store where they giveaway
your tip booklet to their shoppers with each purchase.
The store you pick should attract
your target audience.
The store could have something free to giveaway to
attract shoppers and you could have your web site ad
in the tip booklet.

2. Design a printed flyer for your online business. The
flyer should include a description of your web site,
e-mail address, web address and any other important
information. Make a deal with an offline store to have
them include the flyer in each bag of products they sell
in exchange for free advertising on your web site.

3. Make a deal with a computer store to have them
display your web site on the computers they display
in their store in exchange for free advertising on your
web site or in your e-mail newsletter.

Once you find a targeted offline business, contact
them and present your joint venture proposal. Tell the
business owner the benefits of the joint venture. Tell
him or her why it would be a win/win situation for both
of your businesses. Give them a lot of compliments
about their business, products and services. Using all
three methods above will greater your chance of
having a profitable and successful offline joint venture.

Copyright © Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

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