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Ahad, 23 Mei 2010

Water Is Life Itself & The Magic Of The Bio-Disc!

Water, being a necessity in our daily life, is an invaluable resource. Population growth and rampant development have led to scarcity of clean water. To top it off, poor quality water is the result of the ware and tear within the distribution pipe network.

Next to oxygen, water is essential for all living organisms on earth. It is a major component in cells, which make up all living organisms; therefore approximately 60% to 95% of living organisms are water. Without water life on earth would not exist. It is a major importance to living things. In some organisms up to 90% of their body weight derives from water, the brain is composed of 70% water, and 60% of the human body is water and up to 70-95% of the mass of cells is water. Water is a simple molecule made up of an oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms, H2O. A pair of electron is shared between an oxygen atom and a hydrogen atom.
The beauty of the Bio-Disc is that it is able to bring back 'dead water' into 'living water.' Living water was originally given to us
by our creator, long before urbanisation and modernisation destroyed the natural structure of our water that is supplied to our homes, schools, offices etc.

Thanks to the ingenious Dr Ian Lyons, who invented the Bio-Disc, we are able enjoy the Oxygenated treated piped water. In doing so we are able to keep harmful diseases at bay and embrace all the benefits simply by consuming the corrected structured water. Drinking 8 glasses per day is the requirement a human needs to ensure his overall well-being. What more if it is Bio energised water! One will be extremely astonished as to what a major necessity this practice is. Amazing results can be felt as well as observed as one seriously takes these small steps to ensure and redeem ones optimal health. Energy is transferred from Bio-disc using WATER as medium of transfer. This energized water is known to have all properties of 'Healing Waters' of the world. Buy, use, enjoy the benefits for yourself. It is really beneficial to everyone.

The Bio Disc is a rare bio-technological product infused with Nano-technology which was invented by Dr Ian Lyons. It is a specially constructed glass disc with 13 minerals embedded into it at a temperature of 3000 degrees. For more information, look out for my next article!

My name is Amiruddin & I am from Malaysia. I have been a Bio-disc user since it was first introduced in my country. I have absolutely no regrets in this investment as my family & I have ONLY BENEFITED from it. I am a firm believer of the Bio-disc. Contact me for more information. My e-mail address is: aura4966@gmail.com
For more information please log on to my website: http://globalnetwork.qnstore.com.my/
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